25 05, 2012
  • Or-A-Gremlin

Awkward/Awesome: Or A Gremlin.

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    Awkward: * While chasing down 'Toddler Playland' in a storm: "No this wind, rain, and hail pelting my skin doesn't hurt at all. Not nearly as much as this asthma attack and adrenaline headache." * The creepy Luna moth that tried to attack me. I thought it was a bat.. or a gremlin.

18 05, 2012
  • Daaaaaang

Awkward/Awesome: Daaaaaang.

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Awkward: * Continually having to hike up my pants and then tuck in my undershirt. Yes I have my hand down my pants but I'm not gross, just awkward. * Catching a glimpse of myself in a window and loudly exclaiming, "daaaaang I look gooood!" Followed by an awkward silence because I was talking to

15 05, 2012
  • Southern Overlords

Life: Southern Overlords.

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aMusing: My husband was telling me about a lady with a cart full of canned peaches. He said, "What is she afraid of, a second civil war? Does she want to be able to appease her new southern masters with her bounty of peaches?"

11 05, 2012
  • Crabby-Pants

Awkward/Awesome: Crabby Pants.

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Awkward: * The drunk and crabby old man who ordered me off his property while we were taking photos. One instance in which being sweet and unassuming did not help me. Next time post it, crabby pants. * 2 days of fever induced crazy talk + 1 day of concussion induced crazy talk = just

8 05, 2012
  • No talking.

Life: No talking.

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Overheard: "I could be gay for 'sharkboy'...but only if he doesn't talk..."

4 05, 2012
  • Covered-In-Butter-Spray

Awkward/Awesome: Covered In Butter Spray.

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Awkward: * Painting toenails in the car. Even more so whilst wearing skinny jeans. * Being super excited that the sequel to Divergent just came out. I ♥ dystopians and I don't care if it's weird I'm 27 and I ♥ young adult books. * After working all day I get to come home covered

1 05, 2012
  • College celebrities

Life: College celebrities.

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*I can't believe that 3 years ago I was figuring out life with a week old baby, moving, and graduating. *"D-E-X that's Dex. D-E-X that's Veda. D-E-X that's Mommy. D-E-X that's Daddy.... Mommy how do you spell Un-Goo?" *I'm looking forward to sitting on the patio drinking some homemade limeade while the kids play and