27 04, 2012
  • Face-Plant

Awkward/Awesome: Face Plant.

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Awkward: * The amazing face plant I took while walking up some stairs. We're talking bruises, rug burn, and twisted ankle. Since I was holding Veda it was total mom ninja reflexes that allowed me to take the full hit while protecting her. Good to know my clumsiness is trumped by being a mom. *

20 04, 2012
  • Clown-Eyes

Awkward/Awesome: Clown Eyes.

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Awkward: * Being totally ok with the kids having a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie with their breakfast. * I stopped exercising and lost 5 pounds. Wait... That should probably be an awesome. (I cut out almost all heavily processed and engineered foods in the last 2 weeks.) * I miss exercising. Yuck. * My

17 04, 2012
  • Tight pants

Life: Tight pants.

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Life Tip: If I can clearly see the outline of your bikini style underwear, your pants are too tight. I'm talking to you, old man at Hy-Vee.

13 04, 2012
  • Very-Superstitious

Awkward/Awesome: Very Superstitious.

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Awkward: * I bought a dress 3 sizes too big because I really liked the fabric and every size smaller was just too short. Is it just me or is it suddenly incredibly hard to find modest dresses that don't look like 'mom clothes'? At least I'm really learning how to put together cute outfits

10 04, 2012
  • Balls in the dryer.

Life: Balls in the dryer.

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Overheard: Mother-in-law: "Kai, I found your blue balls in the dryer..." Kai: "Oh, that's where I like to keep them.

6 04, 2012
  • No-Good-Awful-Week

Awkward/Awesome: No Good Awful Week

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Awkward: * A cold sore the day before an interview. Thank you boy who kissed me in kindergarten during 'boys chase girls', I so appreciate you giving me 'whore lip'. Note: I went anyways even though I was horribly embarrassed and self conscious. So don't judge people with cold sores. It probably was the fault

3 04, 2012
  • March-is-for-suckers

Life: March is for suckers.

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*Kai: "Sometimes you're like an open pop-up book of crazy." *What a gorgeous day. I'm so excited to go play. Yes, I'm the mom who goes down the slide and plays tag and is generally going to be embarrassing when the kids are older. For now they love that I play with them and I'm