30 03, 2012
  • Heeeeey-Baaaaaaby

Awkward/Awesome: Heeeeey Baaaaaaaby.

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Awkward: * Having to walk across town with a numbed up face after my dentist appointment. Please ignore the drool and vacant expression. * A guy I went to high school with doing a slow drive by with a "heeeey baaaaaaby". I'm SO glad to be living here. Really. * See Kai put in a

23 03, 2012
  • I-Know-When-You're-Naked

Awkward/Awesome: I Know When You’re Naked.

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Awkward: * Crying (really hard) over cooking fails. * When people come back onto your life and you aren't sure if you want them to stay. * Dex's new game called "Steal Your Boogie'. Because we say, "come here and let me steal your boogies" he now shoves his fingers in your nose and attempts

20 03, 2012
  • Oh-balls

Life: Oh balls.

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aMusing: I was telling Kai the other day that I always say, "balls!" when upset because I thought of it as if someone threw a bunch of marbles or bouncy balls in front of you, causing you to trip and skid across them... Cause that'd be a bad situation and you would be like, "Oh

16 03, 2012
  • He's-Got-The-Beat

Awkward/Awesome: He’s Got The Beat.

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Awkward: * When you find out my husband is a photographer and say something like, "oh I would never pay someone to take photos. I can do it myself." Well... I'm sure glad Kai doesn't do portraits for a living. I hope advertisers don't start thinking that way. * When you find out my innermost

13 03, 2012
  • Smart-mouth

Life: Smart mouth.

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Overheard: Kai: "Are you eating that tomato like an apple?" Me: "That depends. Do you put salt on your apple?" Kai: "I like your smart mouth."

9 03, 2012
  • Food-Edition

Awkward/Awesome: Food Edition

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Awkward: * Getting 3 boxes of Little Debbies snack cakes because I couldn't decide which ones to get. Awkward because I don't like them. At all. Anyone else only taste a weird chemical after-taste? * My weird egg habits. I usually hate eggs but every few months I go through a phase of liking them

6 03, 2012
  • Secret squirrel

Life: Secret squirrel.

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*I am so beyond grumpy today. I even tried dancing the grumpies out. Twice. I think the only cure is bedtime. Oh good, that's now. *Sprained my ankle last night while working out. Yep. I'm all kinds of klutsy but especially that kind. *I've got a bug. I feel like yuck. We did manage to

2 03, 2012
  • Not-A-Klutz

Awkward/Awesome: Not A Klutz.

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Awkward: * I sprained my ankle while working out. It's a sign. * "You're not a klutz, you're... awkward." Thanks, Dad. * Yes, I am going to my 10 year reunion. It will be really great. Just me and.... Hmm... Just me. * The 24 week course costs how much?! * The relief of letting