24 02, 2012
  • Alien-Gremlin-Baby

Awkward/Awesome: Alien Gremlin Baby.

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Awkward: * Workout followed by a bowl of cereal while watching Futurama. The awkward part is waking up 3 hours later with the bowl on my chest and not being able to find the spoon.... ? * I breathe a sigh of relief when you're creepy pregnancy ticker baby stops looking like an alien gremlin.

17 02, 2012
  • Being-Bad

Awkward/Awesome: Being Bad.

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Awkward: These were all separate conversations this week: * Being deleted and blocked for saying that as Christians we should have compassion instead of judgement and encourage sex education as opposed to banning abortion. * Being told I'm a bad Christian because of my stance on gay marriage. I am for legalizing same sex marriage.

14 02, 2012
  • Is-it-safe

Life: Is it safe?

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Me: "what is it?" Kai: "google it." Me: "is it safe?" Kai: "probably." ..... Me: "EW!" Kai: "oops."

10 02, 2012
  • Snoctopus

Awkward/Awesome: Snoctopus.

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Awkward: * If you leave your toilet lid up your bathroom is covered in a nice fine mist of poo water. Ditto for public restrooms. Just think of how much poo mist 4 toilets in 1 room would make. Is it any wonder I'm OCD? * I don't even know who played in the Super

7 02, 2012
  • Double the entendre

Life: Double the entendre.

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*I jacked up my wrist doing a cartwheel today. What'd you do? *Veda is 18 months old today and such a sweet, growly princess. Watch out, she may be cute but she bites. *I just can't roll my eyes hard enough. *I attended USD for 6 years and never went to any sports events. I'm

3 02, 2012
  • Kitties-and-Dinosaurs

Awkward/Awesome: Kitties and Dinosaurs.

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Awkward: * There's no way to hide having just eaten a bag of Cheetos in a moment of insanity. Orange fingers don't lie. * I wore skinny jeans with my hightop converse kicks. I admit it. Stop judging me! * Everyone now scrutinizing me, wondering if I really AM pregnant. (100% not pregnant at this