26 11, 2011
  • Jesus-Rides-Shotgun

Awkward/Awesome: Jesus Rides Shotgun.

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Awkward: *Caring enough to try to keep a 100% in Spider Solitaire by undoing all my previous moves and starting over without having to take a hit. *Checking babies/toddlers for poops in public. *My skin lately. What the crap, yo? Did you not hear I'm 27? *Crying in front of anyone. I'm sure I cry

24 11, 2011
  • Travel-Edition

Awkward/Awesome: Travel Edition.

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Awkward: *Truck stops with unisex bathrooms and having to put the toilet seat down after a very large man comes out after a very long time. More gross than awkward. *All of my Facebook status updates for the past 4 days have been made while peeing. *Peeing on the side of the road in 30